Leading and Facilitating Group Life

A study in Leading and Facilitating Group Life is very important as most humans work in teams and groups daily at their employers.  This is also the case in the church, where most ministries are being structured and operated through various groups.  The content of this module will assist us to better function in a group or team and also assist us to influence the group in a positive and uplifting manner, so that the group delivers on the mandate that it has been given.  Leadership needs not be dictatorial and charismatic, but quiet influencing through serving fellow group members as a leader in the example of Jesus Christ.

 On completion of this module, you should be able to:

 ·       Identify the mental pictures that leadership evokes

·       Identify leadership skills in various case studies

·       Identify leadership skills in various leadership stories

·       Define the term leadership in your own words

·       Interpret various leadership models

·       Understand and address the biggest fears of leaders

·       Explain the concept of Servant Leadership

·       Understand and utilise the servant models as a preference for leading groups

        and teams

·       Understand the impact of servant leadership on groups

·       Show a deep understanding of the servant leadership example of Jesus Christ

·       Describe the concept influence

·       Explain various influencing techniques, tactics and their impact

·       Describe the meaning of authentic leadership

·       Explain and utilise the methods and practices of authentic leadership

·       Describe the meaning of personal leadership

·       Explain and utilise the practices that assist in developing personal leadership

·       Discover what it means to live a life of balance

·       Discover what it takes to lead ethically with a clear and unquestionable

        moral compass

·       Apply the skills, techniques and process of developing a team over a prolonged

        period of time

·       Identify the characteristics of teams

·       Identify and counter the dysfunctions of teams

·       Mediate conflict and disagreement between group and team members


·       Give feedback to group members in a constructive manner that leads them to

        develop and grow

·       Show and practice the signs of a good listener

·       Use a narrative approach in facilitating group life