A study in Life Management and Leadership is important because of the multi-dimensional approach to leadership theory addressed in this course.
Students will be stimulated and empowered to understand their roles as leaders in this particular way. Biblically grounded, the course will assist students to understand the role of the leader within a 21st century context and that the leader is a spiritual, emotional, intellectual and social person operating within different societal and vocational environments or contexts.

It will also sensitise students to the need for development in all these areas in order to become, progressively holistic, balanced and responsible leaders, capable of serving their respective communities.
The underlying premise is that self - management or the management of the individual's life is a key component for a leader.
A community greatly benefits from being served by  such individuals who progress to this level of leadership.

Students will be equipped to apply their knowledge in the context of church ministry, personal enrichment and in academic endeavours.
Student will be able to understand and explain the multi-dimensional role of leaders within a 21st century context.
Identify and develop a growth plan for development  in areas such as the spiritual, emotional, intellectual and social dimension.
Integrate and give proof of the impact of the above upon the learner's life, leadership and ministry.

Study letter and Reader :